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Katsaros - Distillery

Bright amber color combining chocolate and white flowers aromas. On the palate it reveals crispy plums, roasted almonds with a fresh vanilla aftertaste. This is a special spirit coming from the triple distillation of Tyrnavos Muscat grapes and it is aged for three years in French oak barrels...
Ex Tax:32.10€
It comes from muscat grapes which ensure a distillate with high aromatic and rich flavor profile, being enhanced by the addition of quality seeds and herbs during the distillation. Clean, crystal clear with a distinctive taste...
Ex Tax:11.69€
Jivaeri is an ouzo coming from three distillation steps in order to maintain the cleaner of the so-called "heart" of the distillation. Produced with agricultural origin alcohol, with water from the Olympus rich in minerals and a mixture of aromatic herbs and seeds that are responsible for the unique..
Ex Tax:8.71€
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