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Σαρρής / Sarris

A yellow-green colored wine. Distinctive aromas of citrus, green apple, with wonderful mineral elements to complete its character. On the palate it is of moderate to rich body with crunchy acidity and a wonderful balance that leads us to a persistent long aftertaste...
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In the glass we find a dark yellow color. The aromatic characteristics are reminiscent of stone fruits and citrus jam, against a background of intense minerality. On the palate it is of moderate volume, with balanced acidity, a slightly tannic sensation and aftertaste that lasts...
Ex Tax:13.06€
This is the first Kefalonian Malbec ever and it's coming from Panos Sarris, who uses traditional winemaking techniques and an old spinning top, creating a wine with native yeasts, very few sulfites, unfiltered, always expressing the terroir of Cephalonia.On the face it is bright purple. Our aromatic..
Ex Tax:13.06€
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