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Nissos Pilsner 330ml

Nissos Pilsner 330ml
Nissos Pilsner 330ml

Nissos Greek Island Pilsner was inspired from island living, and from the magic of the Cycladic Islands. Easy-to-drink, and perfectly balanced. Crystal-clear, with a deep gold-copper colour, rich froth, and good lacing in the glass. An ideal pairing for Mediterranean cuisine. Aroma of malt with notes of hops and hints of herbs and pepper gives a refreshing moouthfeel. The initial sweetness of the malt is complemented by the pleasantly bitter aftertaste.

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Alcohol Vol 5%
Bottle Size (lt) 0.33
Food-Cooking Style
Serve Temp 4 – 6 °C
Non Visible
Alcohol 0% - 8%
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