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Chrysolithos 2015
-24 %
Bright yellow color with golden wreath, exuberant & complex nose featuring ripe yellow fruits like pineapple, yellow peach and banana. Creamy & juicy mouthsense, with delicious acidity, and mineral senses in the aftertaste...
9.26€ 11.58€
Ex Tax:6.05€
Shiny, bright yellow color, a wine with plenty of typical varietal aromas with yellow fleshed fruits, white flowers, citrus, butter and vanilla. Exuberant mouth, while the crispy acidity makes it exciting. Long aftertaste, with mineral notes...
13.42€ 13.81€
Ex Tax:9.52€
Pale lemon color and nose with intensity and duration. Aromas of fresh yellow fruits such as pineapple, melon and apple, and hints of citrus, such as lemon zest and orange blossoms.  Crisp and generous mouthsense, juicy, with a long, fruity aftertaste...
9.55€ 9.65€
Ex Tax:6.29€
This is a single vineyard Touriga Nacional produced in limited quantities. It has intense red-purplish color and a powerful bouquet of black fruit, violet, pepper and dark chocolate aromas with tobacco and toasty notes. Rich and velvety mouth feel with ripe, silky tannins and a long fruity aftertast..
33.94€ 36.55€
Ex Tax:26.61€
Tropical fruits, herbs, fresh chopped pear, lime and cucumber aromas. Roundness and balanced acidity in a fruity and refreshing mouth. A vegetable and oily character into a long aftertaste...
12.94€ 13.52€
Ex Tax:9.11€
Panagiotou Akakies 2015 Panagiotou Akakies 2015
-21 %
Bright yellow-green color. Aromas of fruits with a focus on citrus. Kind of mineral sense and refined barrel notes. Exuberant mouth and elegant body. Good lasting aftertaste with acidity balanced by the effect of the barrel...
11.48€ 14.00€
Ex Tax:7.90€
Domaine Evharis Assyrtiko Sur Lie 2018
-50 %
Warm yellow color, intensely metallic nose with distinctive floral and fruity aromas. Volume in mouth, lively acidity and feeling of fresh fruits. Long aftertaste...
9.26€ 16.42€
Ex Tax:6.05€
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